Prague City Theatres Announce an Open Call for Ukrainian Artists and Their Collaborators

Publikováno 25. 5. 2022

Through this open call, the Prague City Theatres (Městská divadla pražská, MDP) want to offer Ukrainian artists currently residing in the Czech Republic as a result of the war conflict in Ukraine the opportunity to continue their interrupted artistic work.

Prague City Theatres are also appealing to students, who are making their projects.

How to proceed with the application?

Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Czech art teams will send a brief description of the project, including technical and financial request, to the Prague City Theatres.

We will study the submitted projects, meet with the creators in person or connect online and discuss production, artistic, promotional, technical and financial support. In addition to supporting their study projects, we also offer Ukrainian students the possibility of internships and other alternative forms of studing performative arts.

If you do not have a formulated art project, please send us your professional CV. We will try to connect you with art teams or artists from other projects.

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