International Summer School: Theatre in Social Context 2019

Publikováno 6. 3. 2019

The International Summer School / 23 August – 6 September 2019 / is a platform for experimentation and investigation in the field of contemporary theatre focused on topical social and political issues.

The Archa Theatre’s International Summer School on Theatre in Social Context is an annual program to develop practical skills and to use effective methods of cooperation during the creation of contemporary theatre.

The Archa Theatre’s program has been focusing on theatre that draws its material from real sources. Documentary theatre, collective creation or devised theatre are terms that describe theatre performances that predominantly focus on social problems and reflect on current social and political issues. The artistic rendering of everyday reality leads not only to the exploration of new thematic levels, but also specific artistic approaches. A new theatre language is born, one that is different from that of traditional theatre productions.

On the basis of many years of experience with documentary theatre projects and thanks to the interest of the artists who focus or want to focus on this kind of work, the Archa Theatre organizes an international summer school devoted to the methods and techniques of documentary theatre and theatre creation in the social context in general.

The summer school promises students to get acquainted with theatre in social context with the help of the Archa Theatre’s artistic vision and advanced theatrical tools.
Working language of the school is English / Theatre Archa, Prague, Czech Republic / Application deadline: 30 April 2019

The Archa Theatre will again transform into a large laboratory of contemporary theatre this year. Students will have the opportunity to explore and develop artistic tools to produce work in the field of documentary theatre. The ateliers will focus on the Viewpoints method and textual sources of documentary theatre, music and sound design, video and multimedia, objects as story source, light design, and movement on stage. In addition, participants will have the chance to attend exclusive lectures by internationally acclaimed artists and scholars. Participants will also form creative groups and work on a short performance that they will present at the Archa Theatre by using the theatrical skills they acquired in the ateliers. During this creative process, all lecturers will be available for artistic consultation.

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