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Textile Design Awarded at Heimtextil 2017


The Heimtextil soft furnishings trade fair is a massive event for all designers, manufacturers, merchants and lovers of textiles. It serves as a space for negotiating contracts and is a showcase for trends and a source of inspiration.

Studio of Textile Design under the leadership of Jitka Škopová at Prague UMPRUM, is presenting itself for the 7th time at the show in the student design section - Campus Heimtextil - exhibiting work on the theme Textile Architecture, Modern Nomads, Alternative Housing and Ecology. Aneta Dvořáková, one of the participating student, was awarded for her project The Ripping in the Upcycling category and she has won the Young Creations Award.

Alongside traditional techniques, the Studio of Textile Design has been concerned with experimentation and seeking new ways of utilising various materials for a long time. It proves that this field penetrates into many areas of life and technology and does not always have to be restricted to traditional fabric fibres and processes. Simultaneously, the studio respects in its approach the needs for sustainable development and ecology.

The philosophy and work of the studio is clearly reflected also in the theme for this year’s Heimtextil, in which it will present five projects developed in collaboration with the Czech manufacturer Svitap J.H.J. spol. s.r.o.

At the outset, the students posed themselves the question “What is textile architecture, or what should it be in the context of the century we live in?” They concerned themselves with robotic approaches in the manufacture of textiles and created studies into textile bridges, large-area membranes capable of holding water in the landscape and a vision of the church of the 21st century, which is a place for us to come to a halt.

Competition entries were exhibited from 10th to 13th January 2017.

Aneta Dvořáková, The Ripping<br />
source: umprum.cz

Aneta Dvořáková, The Ripping
source: umprum.cz

Edited: Culturenet, 26. 1. 2017
Source: Umprum.cz