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Red Dot Award 2019 for T3 Coupé


Blue sightseeing tram T3 Coupé won the prestigious design prize Red Dot Award 2019 in Product Design Category. The concept of the tram was being created for the whole year by Anna Marešová designers in cooperation with staffers of The Hostivař Tram Repair Shop.

T3 Coupé follows the traditional appearance of legendary Tatra T3 Czech trams. It is not meant for regular public transport, but people can rent it for a sightseeing tour. Interior has a minimalistic design, which is inspired by historical models of trams presented on Paris World Expo in 1900.

The international committee, which consists of 40 independent specialists such as professional designers, professors, and expert journalists, judged more than 5, 500 design products from 55 countries around the world. The ceremony of Red Dot Design Awards 2019 will take place on 8th July 2019 in Red Dot Design Museum in Essen.

jarvis_5c407683498e10d52fdc82daT3 Coupé, source: ego.ihned.cz

Source: www.annamaresova.com