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“Our” Queer Art


An overview of queer manifestations in Czech contemporary art by Ladislav Zikmund-Lender in Romanian Revista Arta online magazine.

"On the occasion of his exhibition Prague Pride: East Side Story, which accompanied the Prague Pride 2014 festival at Karlin Studios, curator Michal Novotný writes in his curatorial text: “For sure, there is no such thing as LGBT, homosexual, gay or lesbian art. As much as there is no such thing as Czech art. At least until we create a certain definition to apply on the original diversity.” The issue with definitions and 'labels' was convincingly pointed out by Zuzana Štefková in the book Homosexuality in the History of Czech Culture." 

Read the full article here.

Ladislav Zikmund-Lender (b. 1985) is a freelance art historian and curator. His interests lie in the 20th century architecture and design and marginalized issues of the visual culture.

Source: revistaarta.ro