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Laterna Magika Online


The National Film Archive has launched the website laterna-research.com, the first result of an extensive research project Laterna magika* aiming to preserve, document, and present this phenomenon to the international public.

Laterna magika is the first multimedia theatre in the world. Due to its experimental character, the combination of film projection, movement of dancers and original scenography, the interconnection of art and development of new technologies (primarily projection ones), and collaboration between numerous artists, it has become an exceptional cultural phenomenon in the context of both Czech and world art.


The research project Laterna Magika. Past and Present, Documentation, Preservation and Presentation represents an interdisciplinary challenge combining historical research, preservation and digitization of film material, construction of a new archive infrastructure and creation of experimental multimedia data. In the field of historical research, it includes collecting archives from private and public collections and extensive interviews with more than 70 contemporaries of various professions. The special processing of film footage capturing the individual theatre performances as well as film screenings and technological tests includes primarily the preservation, description and digitization of those parts of the film heritage that were selected by curators after being handed over to the National Film Archive by the National Theatre in 2010.

The first results of the project, consisting of interviews with contemporaries, a sample of archive materials and interviews with the members of the research team, are now available in English at www.laterna-research.com.

Source: nfa.cz