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Kynžvart Daguerreotype on UNESCO List


The so-called Kynžvart Daguerreotype is one of the oldest photographs created by Louis J. M. Daguerre, the French inventor of the first commercially-used photographic process. Recently, it has been included on the UNESCO list of world documentary treasures, to a large extent due to the agency of the researcher Rudolf Skopec.

The world-known photograph can be seen in a display case with a protective atmosphere at the National Technical Museum in Prague. It is owned by the Kynžvart Castle, administered by the National Heritage Institute.

The value of the photograph with a still life subject matter lies in the fact that it was sent to the Austrian chancellor Metternich in 1839, before the official publishing of the daguerreotype method. Metternich included the Kynžvart daguerreotype among other curiosities in his representative headquarters in Kynžvart, a site of one of the first publicly accessible museums in Europe.

The representatives of Czech institutions recently received a certificate of registration of the work in the UNESCO Memory of the World list, which groups the world's "documentary heritage".


kynžvartsource: ihned.cz

Source: www.art.ihned.cz