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Housing 1945–1989 at Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague


The exhibition Residence: Prefab Estate presents the history of selected residential complexes in the Czech Republic and the social, political, cultural and economic circumstances that accompanied their construction. It follows the development of housing estates in the Czech lands from their start in the late 1940s up until the first years of the 1990s, when such construction came to an end.

"Mass housing development was one of the most ambitious and at the same time most problematic projects of modernism. It has critically influenced the form of European cities and constitutes a significant chapter of European urban history today. It represents a heritage provoking by its monumentality, monotony, generation of social issues as well as by its vitality and ability to transform. It cannot be ignored, if only for the fact that millions of people across the world are still living in the reality of modern housing utopia. European mass housing development, also known as social housing development with public funding, grands ensembles or prefab estates, represents a significant heritage of the urbanistic, architectonic as well as general social effort to find a solution to the housing question."

Read Henrieta H. Moravčíková's full review of the exhibition here.


photo: Kamil Till, exhibition view

Source: http://blokmagazine.com, www.upm.cz