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Heritage – Tradition, Innovation, Fashion


A new book Heritage – Tradition, Innovation, Fashion introduces the traditional textile techniques of Bohemia and Moravia and the possibilities of their use in clothing design. The project proves that traditional handcraft techniques have not yet disappeared and can exist as a functional element of contemporary fashion design.

This book sheds light on traditional textile techniques and their application in fashion design. A number of renowned experts have also contributed to the book, including Lidewij Edelkoort. From technical texts and interviews with craftsmen, the reader will learn about the history and actual process of production and about the current uses for the various techniques. The publication also includes a rich visual element, using unique archival materials from the Centre for Folk Art Production along with reports from workrooms. The graphic layout of the book is designed by Adam Uchytil, who imbues the project with his own personal, iconoclastic take on tradition, highlighting his individual approach to interviews and the text itself.


Alice Klouzková is one of the leading fashion designers of her generation. Her extensive studies are inspired by tradition and deal primarily with handcraft techniques.






source: umprum.cz

source: umprum.cz

Edited: Culturenet, 23. 1. 2017
Source: Umprum.cz