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Czechoslovak Visual Art of 1968


A new book 'The Anatomy of a Leap into the Void' is about visual art which originated in the year of 1968 as a direct reaction to the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops.

The book features works of art and realization that emerged as a direct response to the violent suppression of the Prague Spring troops of the Warsaw Pact in 1968, and the subsequent period, which overwhelmed both efforts to maintain open civil society, leading it to re-subordination to the Communist Party and the Soviet Union. The works of art that marked the invasion, the death of Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc and the onset of normalization.

The publication is focused on the years 1966 to 1973, in which we can see how Czechoslovak art was emancipated and began to engage with confidence in the international structures of the art scene. This art reacts or anticipates all important themes and approaches - new geometry, new figuration, conceptual art, and art of action. The most prominent authors of the period are Václav Boštík, Stanislav Kolíbal, Jiří Kolář, Adriena Šimotová, the Slovak authors Josef Jankovič or Július Koller, as well as regional authors such as Miroslav Šnajdr, Eduard Ovčáček, Stanislav Bukovský and others.

the anatomy

The book is in Czech-English version.

Source: www.kosmas.cz