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Czechdesign in comparison with Budapest's Design Terminal


The issue of Central European design mapped on the Budapest-Prague axis. East Art Mags visited Czechdesign in Prague and tried to compare the institution with Budapest's Design Terminal.

After a trip to Prague, I recount here what we could learn from our Czech neighbours in the sphere of design. I am going to make my case without finger pointing, accusations, or blame, because at times it is perfectly enough to just have a look at what works.

My affair with Czechdesign began many years ago, when I discovered that there was a team of young people, actually quite nearby, who believed in the success of Czech design.

I wanted to have a close up look at how they worked. Observe at arm’s length a functional model, see a positive example with my own eyes, and gain assurance that we could also do this at home, in Hungary. Not just could, but must.

ll-l7032Czechdesign’s shopwindow in Pregue. Photo: Lilla Liszkay

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Source: artportal.hu