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Nominations for Mies van der Rohe Award 2017


Czech Chamber of Architects and other selected experts nominated the best Czech architectural realizations of the last two years for the prestigious international competition Mies van der Rohe Award 2017.

Chamber and the Czech experts was in absolute agreement with choosing a two of a ten proposed architectural realizations; they are the Pavilion of the primary school in Líbeznice by Projektil Architects from Prague and the Archeologic parc in Pavlov by Radko Květ studio from Brno. In both cases, buildings were funded by public budget, which should always be an example of the state interest and municipal governments on quality architecture. Let us recall that public buildings and spaces are repeatedly winning awards in this European Union award for contemporary architecture. The other nominations there is for example the winner of Czech Architecture Award the studio and house called Zen-Houses by Petr Stolín Architect.


 Zen-Houses, photo: Filip Šlapal


Archeologic park, photo: kvetarch.cz

stezka v oblacích

Watchtower "Stezka v oblacích", photo: dolnimorava.cz


Czech nominations for the year 2017

Pavilon of Primary School in Líbeznice  (Projektil architects)

Archeological Parc in Pavlov (Radko Květ Architect. Studio)

Homestead Maneschowitz (A1 Architects)

Reconstruction of Brewery in Lobeč, Mšeno (RIOFRIO Archit.)

Zen-Houses (Petr Stolín Arch)

Watchtower "Stezka v oblacích" (Fránek Arch.)

Entrance Building of the Area of Punkevní caves in Moravský kras (Burian-Křivinka studio)

Reconstruction and outbuilding of Vrbatova cabin in Giant Mountains (IXA archit.)

Orchard  House in Prague-Kyje (Šépka arch.)

Community Centre Máj in České Budějovice (SLLA arch.)


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Edited: Culturenet, 4. 1. 2017
Source: programculture.cz, cka.cz