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About Culturenet 


We offer a basic overview of culture in the Czech Republic in English along with a directory of other useful sources of information. News aimed at international readers focuses on the achievements of Czech artists and the most important Czech artistic events and goings on in the Czech Republic and abroad. Culturenet is maintained by Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague.

The Arts Institute was founded a separate department of the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) in 2005. The Arts Institute is dedicated to the promotion of the arts and providing information, education, and consultation and performing research in this field. It encourages a strategic approach to culture, and it supports and connects culture professionals and artists across different disciplines, while it also contributes to their professional growth on the national and international scene.



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The only comprehensive source of knowledge about the Czech cultural and creative sectors. Includes basic data, links to cultural operators, and various projects. All you need to keep up with current trends.


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Gives you access to a map of almost 3000 Czech cultural operators with user-friendly search tools. You can either search for partner organisations individually, or get an overview by region.

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Offers a database of multilingual expert publications, articles, and studies on cultural policy and CCI's. Useful for arts management and creative practice.