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About Culturenet 


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Dedicated to promote Czech culture from home and abroad daily. Newsletter keeps you up with current trends once a month.



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The only comprehensive source of knowledge about the Czech cultural and creative sectors. Includes basic data, links to cultural operators, and various projects. All you need to keep up with current trends.


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Gives you access to a map of almost 3000 Czech cultural operators with user-friendly search tools. You can either search for partner organisations individually, or get an overview by region.

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Offers a database of multilin-gual expert publications, articles and studies on cultural policy and CCI's. Useful for arts management and creative practice. We continuously prepare for you the english version of Culturenet.cz - your Czech cultural and creative sectors guide.


The Culturenet.cz is maintained by Arts Institute (an autonomous department of the Arts and Theatre Institute)

Arts Institute provides information and consultation services about possibilities of financial supportfor artistic and cultural projects from Czech and foreign sources (with the emphasis on the resources from the European Union). Runs the Artists in Residency Programme dealing with coordination of reciprocal residencies of artists and a residency programme in the Egon Schiele Art Centre in Česky Krumlov for young artists working in the Czech Republic. Works on projects from the field of cultural policy – e. g. The Concept for More Efficient Support for the Arts 2007–2013 (2006), The Input Analysis of Current Relations of Labour Market with the Cultural Sector (2008), Study of the State, Structure, Conditions and Financing of Arts in the Czech Republic (2011), Social-Economic Potential of Cultural, resp. Creative Industries in the Czech Republic (2011) and Czech Cultural and Creative Industries Mapping (2011). Organizes educational activities, i. e. organization of seminars, publishing activities, especiallyfrom the fi eld of arts management and culturalpolicy. Promotes and presents Czech art abroad.


ATI provides these portals:


offers up-to-date information from the field of culture and the arts, informs about grants and job opportunities in the field of culture, refers to materials about cultural policy and possibilities of financial support for projects and Czech-English database of cultural stakeholders.


provides information about people, organizations and music life in the Czech Republic in Czech and English.


promotes Czech literature abroad and in the Czech Republic.


provides news, calendar and database of czech dance scene. Promotes czech dance abroad. Portal is in Czech and English.


provides a comprehensive source of news about events in the Czech theatre scene based on information from the Arts and Theatre Institute and the public. Articles can be uploaded to www.theatre.cz by general public, and registered users can upload information, photographs, videos, and job advertisements.



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info@idu.cz, info@culturenet.cz