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New Czech Literature 2016  

The selection of Czech fiction for 2016 illustrates several remarkable facts. Among the authors, we can find not only the famous names of authors who confirm the continuity of their own writing as well as the stability of the Czech book market, but also new names. Books by these authors, who will only establish themselves in the Czech literary life, then boldly compete with the established style of the first ones and they rightfully attracted the attention of literary critics and Czech readers last year. 

obalka NCL2016
New Czech Literature 2016.pdf

Written by Jakub Šofar
Edited by Jan Černý, Radim Kopáč, Jakub Šofar
Published by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Maltézské náměstí 1, 118 11 Praha 1, in 2017
Number of pages 184
First edition 
Not for sale