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Czech Literary Centre 

The purpose of the Czech Literary Centre is the long-term systematic promotion of Czech literature abroad. It was established by the Moravian Library in Brno on behalf of the Czech Ministry of Culture and began its activities on 1st January 2017. Initially it will organise exchange programmes for Czech authors and foreign Czech studies specialists and translators, produce promotional materials and manage the CzechLit website. The Centre is also preparing key strategic documents, which will be submitted to its Advisory Board by summer 2017 and subsequently made available for public discussion.

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 source: czechlit.cz


The Czech Literary Centre focuses primarily on the following activities:

  1. promoting Czech literature abroad through cooperation with translators, Czech studies specialists, publishers and literary agents abroad;
  2. cooperating with literary agencies which focus on negotiating the sale of rights to publishers abroad; cooperating with publishers, cultural and educational organisations and institutions abroad on the promotion of Czech literature and literary culture;
  3. organising residencies for Czech authors in literary centres/houses abroad and providing residencies for foreign translators, Czech studies specialists, publishers, literary agents, researchers and other culturally active individuals with an interest in Czech culture and its promotion, organising paid residencies in the Czech Republic for foreign translators and Czech studies specialists as well as research and creative trips abroad for Czech writers;
  4. preparing and creating printed and virtual materials to promote Czech culture;
  5. actively forming contacts with partners abroad for the purpose of the long-term and extensive promotion of Czech literature and culture in the book market (publishers, journalists, lecturers, Czech studies students, literary centres/houses, cultural institutions etc.);
  6. organising literary seminars, author readings, literary exhibitions, sending Czech writers to festivals, fairs and other events abroad;
  7. cooperating with Czech universities which have Czech literature programmes and with the international network of Czech Centres;
  8. connecting institutions and individuals interested in developing book culture and literature, the CLC will be a hub for them;
  9. managing a website about literature in the Czech Republic intended mainly to present Czech literature, Czech authors and current literary events to an international audience; managing the CzechLit website (which will be the main information portal of the CLC until the new CLC website is created);
  10. cooperating with the network of public libraries on exhibitions and presentations to promote Czech literature and develop reading literacy;
  11. acting as an information and cultural centre for literary experts and professionals.


Czech Literary Centre
Národní dům
nám. Míru 9
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic

E: litcentrum@litcentrum.cz
T: +420 770 134 755